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Business Life Stories is about Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small-Businesses, Solo-Practitioners, Investors, and Philanthropists…  “Why I Love What I Do” is a center-piece in BusinessLifeStories.com.
Starting with this question has been fun. When we ask people to say a few words on “Why they love what they do”, there is a range of answers. “Who said I love what I do?” is a common one. But then in bits and pieces, and sometimes in full theater, people share their different stories.
The stories we hear are just a glimpse into that person’s life. They usually wind up answering with a bit of who they are, what their goals are, and their outlook on the future. In between the lines of the story are the conditions by which we all make choices, professionally and personally.
The blurring of business and personal life is often seen as a negative, a lack of boundaries. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, fitting in to the corporate identity of “The Firm”, is one less thing to think about. But, “how will we be seen” by partners, clients, and potential clients is still a worthwhile question to ask. Information about what drives us; the road we’ve taken to get here; and where we see the future can be endearing or a turn-off. That’s a gamble we all take now online.
Loving what you do is a privilege. Story telling is all around us. Everyone has a story.
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About the Authors
Lisa Schenone Ekinci
Lisa Schenone Ekinci is a consultant with expert skills in project management and team leadership. Able to win business and then effectively manage and motivate people to deliver their best work in fast-paced, challenging environments. A team-oriented leader, experienced at clarifying objectives, recruiting and mobilizing talent—from initial idea to product delivery–to meet the needs of the client’s customer.  Lisa is a co-founder of Alfalfa-Seeds.com and Office Divvy.  | Lisa is on twitter: @LisaFla
Sim Taing
Sim is an Executive for a Global Enterprise Software Company, responsible for sales and professional services in the Eastern United States. Since 2004, Sim has made numerous business investments in Flagler County, including investment properties and establishing area small businesses. He is a major partner in “The Humidor,” located in the European Village in Palm Coast, FL.  | Sim is on twitter: @SimTaing
Kayhan (Ky) Ekinci
Ky is a Small Business Management Consultant. Ky’s career in the travel industry has spanned the globe. He has held senior management positions with several well-known national companies in the U.S., and has been responsible for numerous large projects as an executive, including one of the biggest United Nations events in the world.  Ky is a co-founder of Office Divvy. | Ky is on twitter: @KyEkinci
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