I stumbled upon a video of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett on Leadership, in a CNBC piece from the Columbia Business School. At the end of this short segment, Buffett stated the following:

If the reason you’re doing something is because everybody else is
doing it, forget it, you haven’t got a good reason.. ~ Warren Buffett

Mr. Buffett’s statement seems obvious. “Don’t follow the herd” seems like fairly good advice.  But more so the idea of “having a good reason” stands out as something that requires more examination.

Adapting to a changing business landscape, perceived and real competitive threats, intelligence about what the customer wants can create significant change, usually at a fast pace, from what the founders had perhaps started with. Answering the question: “What is my reason for starting this business?” or “What is my reason for staying in this business?” or “Why do I love what I do?” can certainly yield useful results.
We’re offering a location for a broad range of business professionals to add their answers to this question “Why I Love What I Do?.”   We expect it to help shatter a few stereotypes, and interest readers in new and unique points of view. An honest answer to “Why I Love What I Do” may not always be one that you expect; however, keeping Mr. Buffett’s statement in mind, may lead to some genuine discovery.
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With best wishes to you and your loved ones in this Holiday Season..
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