I am a pre-kindergarten program director and I love what I do!..
Difficult scientific concepts such as buoyancy are taught through “float or sink” experiments at the water table.  Reading and writing is practiced as a child writes an order at the pizzeria in the dramatic play area.  From observing the decomposition of an orange on the playground to constructing symmetrical buildings in the block area, young children learn academic concepts through play.
However, teaching through play is a skillful art.  Teachers plan lessons disguised in play. In addition to planned activities, the teacher must have the ability to recognize an unplanned teachable moment and utilize it.  The children play and do not realize that they are learning!
At Vivid Scope Early Childhood Center in Palm Coast, FL, the classroom is designed for learning through play.  Teachers are professional early childhood educators and have a passion for what they do.

Melissa Cousley - Director of Vivid Scope Early Childhood Center in Palm Coast

I enjoy easing the transition from preschool to “big school.”  Why?..  The transition from preschool to elementary school can be scary for a child (and many parents).  In fact, most 10th grade high school dropouts really dropped out in first grade.  Dropping out of high school is a process that begins in early childhood.  Young children are often thrusted into the school-aged environment without the right preparation from their pre-kindergarten program.
A quality pre-kindergarten program is the bridge to higher education.  When I am working with a child in what may seem to be a “play” activity, it is so much more than that.  This may be where it all begins for them; a love of science, art, literature and information.  It is profound to be with them in that moment of honest discovery.  I am a pre-kindergarten program director and I love what I do!
Melissa Cousley
Director – Vivid Scope
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