When I was a little girl I imagined my name in lights.
When I was a teenager I saw myself on T.V.
As a young adult I imagined myself on stage talking to crowds of people.
Now, I look at my life and see I’ve gotten the essence of these things. My name is on the internet, I have an internet radio talk show and I teach groups of people through my coaching practice.
We all have visions and dreams and the ones we have from the time we were young are the ones that steer us in the direction our life is to go. Now, at my age, I am not interested in T.V., unless of course it’s Internet Television. I am interested, however, in doing the thing that brings me fulfillment, and right now I could not see myself doing anything else.
I get to not only empower (a word we use loosely), but change lives. Not an easy task. Not something you would say at 10 yrs old you want to do when you grow up. But the process of the change is what gets me really excited, because I do it by introducing financial freedom through entrepreneurship.
I get to pair my two loves – a love for helping other women and a love for business. My love for helping others goes way back to when I was a single mother. My biggest challenge then was “making ends meet.” I hated my 9 to 5 that had no future, but I knew I was destined for something bigger. I needed to take the necessary steps towards elevating my life first. But, like a lot of other women I was clueless about where to start and what to do. I had to find my way, teach myself and learn from long distance Mentors like Oprah, Kimora Lee Simmons, and my personal friend Cynthia Lippert, Broker for Keller Williams in Atlanta.
I watched, learned, and listened. But I think my biggest challenge today, yet most fulfilling part of what I do in helping these women, that happen to be single moms, is helping them move past the circumstances in their lives towards their dreams of something more.

I hated my 9 to 5 that had no future, but I knew I was destined for something bigger.”

We all want to be doing what we love. Unfortunately, a small percentage of us don’t get to do it.
Why I love what I do is because when lives have changed I know that what this woman is about to embark on could make a positive impact on her family’s future, mostly her children; how they see their mother living a life with purpose. I always say, “Do you want them to see mommy work hard and nothing changes?” or “Do you want them to see mommy work hard and everything changes?
There is now this role model in their home of an enterprising woman…who loves what she does.
The other part is my mission in all. I believe single moms have big roles in the economic shift in this country. These women are not all on government assistance, contrary to popular belief. But these are hard working women that are doing their best to stay above the poverty line on a low single income. When these women are given the same opportunity as any single man to start and grow a business this will impact the face of the economy.
So, when you ask me, “Why do you love what you do?” I can tell you, “I love what I do because what I do leaves a mark on the people I work with, their families and this country.” Now, what’s not to love!

Marjorie Bostwick is a Transformational Business and Life Coach.
She works with single mom business owners, and single moms transitioning into business.
She is also the creator of The Single Mom Revolution Online Community.
Website: http://marjoriebostwick.com

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